Dr Krishna Solanki MBBS, MD, FRACP, MPH

About Krishna

Dr Krishna Solanki is the Director of ACCESS Paediatric Clinic.  She completed her medical schooling and obtained her Doctor of Medicine Degree in Paediatrics in India, before moving to Australia for further studies. She was the youngest Paediatrician of her state in India at the age of 25! After moving to Australia, Krish completed FRACP in General Paediatrics, as well as Masters of Public Health from Monash University.

Her paediatric training has been in various states and major hospitals across Australia, including the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide; John Hunter Children’s Hospital in Newcastle; and Sydney Children’s Hospital. Krish was fortunate enough to complete her Paediatric training in India as well as in Australia, providing her with a much wider knowledge and understanding of psycho-social, cultural, nutritional and environmental impacts on health of growing minds and bodies.

Krish is willing to look after any child/adolescent requiring healthcare from neonates up to 18 years of age. She has a keen interest in psychological/behavioural/developmental difficulties in children. Over the years, Krish’s experience has evolved in pathways of helping not only the child, but the whole family through this journey to better holistic health.


Anna Ritan

About Anna
Anna is an Accredited Practicing Paediatric Dietitian (APD) and Nutritionist, with over 15 years of clinical experience and specializes in paediatric and neonatal nutritional therapy and dietary education.  Anna has worked as a clinical Senior Paediatric Dietitian in large hospitals and brings a wealth of experience to private practice, having worked with thousands of families in hospital and outpatient settings, and undertaking clinical research and quality improvement strategies to support children in hospitals.

Anna completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and has completed additional post-graduate training in Paediatric and Neonatal Nutrition, including paediatric food allergy and intolerance, infant nutrition and growth, and neonatal nutrition. Anna is also an S.O.S feeding therapist, and has experience in running multi-disciplinary clinics for children with complex feeding issues, fussy eating, oral aversions and home enteral nutrition, and has a particular interest in supporting children with neurodivergent related feeding difficulties and paediatric eating disorders.

Anna’s extensive experience in nutrition can assist with:

  • Paediatric disease and disability including paediatric home enteral nutrition, and nutrition for disability and feeding difficulties.

  • Allergies and intolerances like cow’s milk protein allergy, and gut health issues such as infant reflux, constipation, malabsorptive disorders, coeliac disease, and IBS.

  • Infant nutrition, starting solids, growth and nutrition concerns like faltering growth.

  • Neonatal nutrition, and is an expert in infant nutrition and early life for conditions such as prematurity, growth and intake issues.

  • Trained in the S.O.S (sequential oral sensory) approach to fussy eating and other approaches and has experience in running multi-disciplinary clinics for children with complex feeding issues, fussy and restrictive eating, sensory-based feeding disorders, ARFID and neurodivergent related feeding difficulties.

As a busy mum of 3 young children, Anna is passionate about supporting families from conception through childhood, finding individual strategies that work, and understanding that no two families are alike. She is passionate about supporting children to become happy, confident eaters, establishing a healthy relationship with food and taking the stress out of mealtimes.


Claire Cushway-Moss

About Claire

Hi I’m Claire!  I have worked as an OT for 18 years in Australia and the UK. I live locally in McLaren Vale, with my husband and 3 sons. My belief is that function should be meaningful, and for some achieving certain tasks may be a team effort; child, parent/caregiver and therapist.

I look forward to supporting local families to be the best version of themselves.

My key areas of interest are:

  • Sleep routines & strategies
  • Living with Tics, and how this influences daily life
  • Fine motor skills & development
  • Understanding different sensory strategies to make daily life less challenging
  • Social Skills
  • Anxiety
  • Establishing daily routines for dressing, showering, teeth brushing etc


About Yolanda
Hi, I’m Yolanda!
In my years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist, I have assisted various people living with temporary and permanent physical and cognitive disabilities.  I have worked extensively with children living with learning difficulties, impairments to their motor development and overall functions.  I aspire to be the kind of professional that facilitates the child to use their potential, to overcome any limitations that they might experience.
I graduated and practiced in South Africa, and moved to Australia in 2022.  Since I am new to Australia, I have been using the time to see new places and try different foods.  In my spare time I enjoy doing craft activities, dancing and creating my own music.
My key areas of interest include:
  • Sensory assessment and intervention, that targets sensory integration and inputs tailored to each child.
  • Focussing on age and stage appropriate fine and gross motor skills and functions, necessary for engaging in daily activities and tasks.
  • Assessing and providing intervention that targets emotional regulation, cognitive skills, coordination skills, perceptual skills and motor planning skills that are relevant to a child’s independent functioning in their various environments.
  • My intervention is play based and incorporates functional and social communication skills, that can be utilized by carers outside of therapy. 
  • Conducting Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA), and assisting parents with identifying relevant supports for their child based on their level of function.
  • Assessment and recommendations of low to mid cost, low risk assistive technology and devices.
I put passion and compassion at the centre of everything I do for my participants, and I look forward to working with your family!



Ariane Plowright

About Ariane

I am an endorsed Nurse Practitioner, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and have graduate qualifications in Child, Adolescent and Family Health Nursing.

Having worked in child health and Paediatrics over the years, I have many skills in relating to children and adolescents, and have had a lot of education and clinical experience working with families who are struggling with their child’s behaviour.

I enjoy making families feel comfortable and encouraged in their life stage journey, and work with families to support them reaching their goals. I have a non-judgemental approach and prefer to support families to optimise their preferred way of parenting, rather than imposing my own beliefs and opinions.

I can assist families in the areas of:

  • Feeding issues from babies through to children and adolescents
  • Sleep problems for families, considering the sleep needs of all family members – as well as mother and child/babies mental health needs
  • How to approach parenting children with different temperaments or other challenges
  • I have certification in Perinatal Mental Health, and many years’ experience working with women struggling with their mental health in the parenting journey
  • Health concerns – active allergies, asthma and eczema, to create a plan to maintain optimal health. I am up to date with immunisations provision and catch-up schedules, and always enjoy discussing and checking out various rashes and childhood illnesses.
  • Performing developmental assessments for children, and making appropriate referrals and care plans.

My advice is usually a mixture of common sense, medical and pharmacological knowledge, and a touch of honey and lemon tea!

I look forward to meeting you and your family.


Dr Karolina Pasierbek

About Karolina

Karolina is a highly experienced private child psychologist, who provides various assessment services to clients of ACCESS Paediatric Clinic (via her own business: ‘Little Bee Psychology’.

With her gentle and caring nature, Karolina conducts ADHD assessments, Psycho-Educational assessments and Autism assessments for children up to the age of 18 years.

If a child needs an Autism assessment, generally they have an initial assessment with a Paediatrician, and if needed Karolina will then be able to provide a second opinion for finalisation, (if and as indicated in any given case).

Please note Karolina does not see children for psychotherapy sessions.

Email: info@littlebeepsychology.com.au


Vishwas Sundaram

About Vishwas

Vishwas is a highly skilled Neurodevelopmental Therapist with over 10 years of experience, striving to create an impact on the lives of children with Neurodevelopmental disabilities. He takes a family-oriented, comprehensive, and evidence-based approach to therapy to offer top-quality care for children under his supervision. After training and working in India for several years, Vishwas moved to Australia in 2016 and completed his Neurodevelopmental therapy qualification. He has worked in the Child Health and Development Unit at the local health network level, and other large private and non-profit organisations over the years.

With a genuine passion for his work, he connects effortlessly with kids, making therapy a positive and fun experience. Vishwas strongly believes in collaboration and open communication with the child and their family, to provide the best therapy experience. He involves them in goal-setting to ensure that therapy aligns with their aspirations and expectations, fostering a strong sense of partnership.

Outside of work, Vishwas enjoys spending time with his toddler and partner, exploring beaches, playing badminton, and indulging in good gustatory or creative experiences!

Conditions treated by Vishwas are:

  • Developmental/Milestone Delays: When children have difficulty learning important skills like crawling, walking, running, jumping, etc.
  • Mis-shaped Heads in Babies: An uneven or flat head shape causes a delay in the development of gross motor skills.
  • Genetic Conditions: Sometimes, children inherit conditions from their parents that might affect muscle and joint function.
  • Screening for musculoskeletal issues such as Hip Dysplasia, CTEV, Scoliosis, and flat feet.
  • Cerebral Palsy and other conditions affecting Movement and Coordination.
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases: Conditions in which there is a progressive loss of neurological function due to underlying abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Before and After Surgery for Movement Issues: Getting ready and getting better after a specific surgery like Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, to help with movement problems.
  • Before and After Botox Management: Physiotherapy before and after a special treatment (like Botox) for muscle problems.
  • Walking Irregularities: Getting help to walk better e.g. toe-walking or atypical gait.
  • Monitoring of Premature Infants for High-Risk Conditions: Keeping an eye on babies born early, to ensure they stay healthy and catch any issues early.
  • Sensory Dysfunctions: Physiotherapy to assist children with ADHD, Autism, and Developmental Coordination disorder to help them achieve their milestones, learn new motor skills, and improve participation in physical activity.
  • Prescription of Assistive Technology (early childhood): Sometimes, children might need special tools or equipment to help them move or do things easier when they’re little.