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Social Work consultations can take place in our clinic, your home, or you can even meet for a chat in a local park!

Plus school visits are available, to liaise with teachers for behaviour management strategies!

Social Workers are allied health practitioners, who provide support to children, adolescents and their families to improve their personal and home life. At ACCESS Paediatric Clinic, our social worker Sharda can offer support services for:

➢ Counselling

➢ Grief

➢ Trauma

➢ Self-esteem

➢ Self-regulation

Social Skills programs are also run for young children and primary aged children, to help develop their social & emotional development. To learn more, head to our ‘What’s The Buzz’ page.

For older adolescents:

➢ Navigating life after year 12 with employment, training and further education options.

➢ Guiding and educating young people with health and sexual wellbeing.

➢ Assistance with independent living skills and transition into early adulthood.

For NDIS participants:

If your child is on the pathway to becoming an NDIS participant, or already has a current NDIS plan in place, then our social worker Sharda, can help your family navigate the NDIS complexities from the beginning stage to the end.

➢ Attend NDIS plan review meetings as an additional support to you, to achieve positive outcomes.

➢ Advocate on your child’s behalf for maximising supports, and look at additional supports that might be beneficial to your child’s needs.

➢ Linking & building a support system of allied health services/supports around your family, to help your child achieve their NDIS goals.

➢ Provide evidence based written reports to the NDIS for increased funding.


Social Work consultations are available through the NDIS for self-managed & plan-managed participants, and for privately paying clients.

Consultations are not covered under Medicare or Private Health Funds.