access paediatric clinic mclaren vale adelaide
access paediatric clinic mclaren vale adelaide

Children and adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often struggle with focus and behavioural issues, which can significantly impact their daily functioning, academic performance and social relationships.  ADHD symptoms may present in some of the ways listed below: 

  • Inattention – difficulty sustaining attention and focus, becomes easily distracted, is often forgetful.
  • Impulsivity – acts without thinking, often interrupts others and ‘butts in’.
  • Hyperactivity – fidgets and is restless, seems overly active, can’t sit still, ‘like being driven by a motor’.

By having an ADHD assessment, it will help your family to better understand and manage these challenges for your child. 

The assessment begins with an initial evaluation conducted by our paediatrician Dr Krishna Solanki, where she will gather information about your child’s medical history, family history, and current symptoms. This includes assessing the growth and development of your child, with a physical examination and blood test to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may mimic or exacerbate ADHD symptoms.  

Online questionnaires will be sent to parents, teachers, and the child themselves to complete, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the child’s behaviour in different settings, and to assess the presence and severity of ADHD symptoms.

A review appointment is then booked to return for your child’s results/diagnosis, and ongoing care is offered if medication is required.

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